Les and Mary Anderson

Welcome to our web site! We have been photography hobbyists for decades. In fact, that's what brought us together! We met on a photo field trip to Yosemite in May 1990 and have been enjoying photography together ever since.

Nothing is safe from us and our cameras. Friends and family have learned to watch what they do when we are around ;^) We love to photograph ocean, desert, and mountain scenes... all types of landscapes. Nature is a common subject, including birds, flowers, insects, etc. Cats and dogs have a place in our hearts and photography, but our special passion involves sky phenomenon. We have chased solar eclipses all over the world and photographed auroras in Iceland and Alaska.

In Jan 2010, we joined PolyPhoto Club here in San Diego which has really expanded our horizons. It's a great group of talented photographers who are very willing to share their knowledge... and they have become our friends. Thanks to the people, workshops, field trips, and monthly competition meetings, we feel we have dramatically increased our abilities. Sharing the beauty that is all around us with others is what it is all about. Hope you enjoy our photos!